Thursday, July 25, 2013

Element Mobile being bought out by AT&T?

I saw an interesting post recently on Facebook, saying AT&T may be buying out Element Mobile:
Inside sources tell me the rumors are true, AT&T buyout of Element Mobile. (their not supposed to tell anyone yet but some of them are). It did not make sense to me since ATT uses GSM technology and Element,Verizon,US Cellular,Sprint etc. Use CDMA technology. The phones and tower equipment are not compatible. No wonder they refuse to fix my recent super slow internet issues. Their just biding their time. The next month or so is going to get interesting.

At first glance, this rumor seems like a silly one -- purchasing Element's CDMA towers when all your phones run GSM networks would be the equivalent to buying coal to fuel your gasoline car. AT&T would have to re-tool every tower in the area. But upon closer inspection, they have done this before with Verizon, and they're doing it right now with Alltel.

So, here's what we know for sure.
  1. AT&T can convert CDMA towers to GSM ones
  2. They want to do this -- such is evidenced by their buying out many from Verizon and Alltel.
  3. AT&T snapping up Alltel towers recently is very similar to the suggestion they will also purchase Element's towers: both networks are small, generic CDMA providers.
  4. AT&T doesn't have much of a presence in several of the counties that Element currently exists in. This could change that.
  5. This could happen.

I'll be watching intently, and trying to keep you up to date on any developments.


  1. Hi there! Have you heard of any recent developments regarding the AT&T buyout rumor?

    1. Sadly I haven't heard a bit since this rumor. It's really all speculation, because I sure as heck don't hold a position in those inter-company meetings, and nobody's been gracious enough to provide me with any tips lately.

  2. Licensed agent with 3 stores in point said it's a go; awaiting FCC approval.